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Wallin Hotel Stockholm Sweden
Hotel Type: 3 Star
Wallin Hotel Stockholm Sweden
Wallingatan 15 Box 70374 107 24 Stockholm

The Wallin Hotel on Wallingatan 15 is a haven of calm despite its city-centre location among department stores, restaurants, culture centres and entertainment of all kinds. Stockholm's central station, the city bus terminal and the Arlanda Express train service are within five minutes walking distance.

Wallin Hotel Stockholm Sweden Characteristics and Facilities

Wallins Bar & Matsal welcomes you to our new and rebuild restaurant on Wallingatan 15.

The Wallin Hotel is part of the Stockholm City Conference Centre, CCC, and Folkets Hus and Norra Latin are situated on the same block.

This means that one of Scandinavia's largest congress and conference centres is directly adjacent to the hotel. The Wallin forms a building complex together with Folkets Hus and you can walk directly from the hotel into the conference halls.

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